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Bishops Castle

Colorado has too many great places to visit. From the beautiful mountain ranges to numerous small towns, the places to see are infinite. However, there is one place many people don’t even know to visit and that is Bishops Castle.

Bishop Castle is located in the San Isabel National Forest, standing at over 160 feet tall. Up to this point the castle has been built by hand, by one man, Jim Bishop, who continues to build onto the towers. Jim bought the land the castle sits on when he was just 15 years old. With the help of his parents who signed the deed for him, Jim bought the land with his own money and with the help of his father, began clearing the ground for what was to be a family cabin over the next 10 years. At 25 he married and began to start building the cabin out of the stones that were abundant in the area. As he built the cabin, his friends and family started commenting that it resembled a castle, that sparked an idea for Jim and he took on the job of building what is now Bishop Castle.

As the castle started growing, more and more people heard about it, and Jim was told he should make some money off of his magnificent castle. Instead, Jim decided the castle needed to be affordable and free to whoever wanted to visit and he ended up putting out a donation box for anyone who wanted to contribute to the castle and with the help of his wife, figured out the legal means and licenses necessary to keep the donation box on the property. Sometimes he wouldn’t have enough funds to accomplish what he desired to but he continued to build with what he had available.

The castle is complete with a Grand Ballroom, multiple towers, and a fire-breathing dragon. People come from far and wide to see the castle “Built by One Man with the Help of God” as Jim calls it. There is a gift shop on the property with an array of trinkets, souvenirs and accessories. When the funds, collected from either the gift shop or donation box, don’t go to building a castle they go to the Bishop Castle Non-Profit Charitable Foundation for New-Born Heart Surgery. Bishops Castle is also available for wedding ceremonies!

Bishops Castle is a great place to visit when coming into Colorado. It is a little less than a one hour drive from Pueblo and it’s a beautiful drive of the Southern Colorado mountain range. Its open to any and all from the young family with a baby to the elderly, they only ask that people are respectful and safe while visiting the castle. If you’re coming to town soon and need transportation to almost anywhere in Colorado contact A Class Above Transportation!